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Great news for two authors I work with…

AE Jones was 2016 winner of the Booksellers Best award for Paranormal for Sentinel Lost;

and Mind Sweeper was a finalist for two 2015 Romance Writers of America RITA awards,

Best Paranormal & Best First book,

also won three PRISM awards from RWA’s Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal chapter:

for Mind Sweeper, Best First Book and First Place in the Light Paranormal category,

and for Shifter Wars, Second Place in Light Paranormal.


Tracy Tappan has won

a Bronze Medal Independent Publishers Book Award (IPPY), romance category, for The Bloodline War

was a finalist in the USA News Book Awards for The Purest of the Breed


stay tuned, because several authors I work with are finalists

in some pretty prestigious 2016 contests

(just click on the Clients & Books tab above to see their names)

Scroll down (and continue through the blank space) to see the covers for these award-winners, and other terrific stories!


Welcome to Demon for Details manuscript editing, and thanks for stopping by.

My name is Faith Freewoman, and I’ve been a writer, editor, and occasional indie publisher for more than thirty years. A born demon for details, my favorite pastime has always been making everything from the written word to my environment as attractive and as close to perfect as humanly possible.

My specialty is multi-layered, supportive, precision editing . Whether you’re self-publishing, or going after an agent or publisher for the first time (or the umpteenth time), a skillful and supportive editor can be a real godsend for your tender, creative psyche, and for your results!

My writing and editing experience runs the gamut from fiction to dance criticism, to all things psychic and spiritual, to scientific journal articles and speeches and presentations by corporate executives.

But my real passion, as a reader, author and editor, is fiction of all sorts — especially romance, romantic suspense, historical romance, paranormals, thrillers, fantasies, and mysteries.

I have four gifts/skills that I believe make me an exceptional editor:

  • I notice errors even when I’d rather not.
  • I am endlessly fascinated with the nuances of the English language, and its music and rhythms. I especially love investigating the subtle differences that can make one word choice merely okay and another exactly right.
  • I can, and do,  “tell it like it is” without trampling your author vulnerabilities.
  • I’ll let you know if I think personal bias may be part of my reason for believing a character, plot point or aspect of your author voice needs work. And then I leave the decision to edit, omit or leave it as is up to you …

… because, when all’s said and done, it’s YOUR story, and your sensibilities have the deciding vote about how it should be told.

For details of services and pricing, click here …

Or contact me at 

Want to take a look at the covers for most of the books I’ve edited recently?

Until we get it fixed on the site, just scroll down a couple of spins on your mouse wheel to find them below.

Recent Jobs (for all books edited, see Client List)

Mine at Merlot, edited Faith Freewoman Abandoned, edited Faith Freewoman Educating Anthony, editor Faith Freewoman Loving Vivienne, edited by Faith Freewoman
Cats, edited by Faith Freewoman Druid Temptation, Editor Faith Freewoman Blinded, editor Faith Freewoman Royal Affair, Editor Faith Freewoman
Man Down, edited Faith Freewoman Spurned, Editor Faith Freewoman Royal Scandal, edited by Faith Freewoman Ruins of Destiny, editor Faith Freewoman
Three Brooches, edited by Faith Freewoman Timeless, edited Faith Freewoman Two Much, Editor Faith Freewoman Whisper, editor Faith Freewoman
Breaking Out, edited Faith Freewoman Dance with Me, Editor Faith Freewoman Holding Still, editor Faith Freewoman Chaos Tamed, edited by Faith Freewoman
A Touch of TNT, edited by Faith Freewoman Resisting Samantha, edited Faith Freewoman You Were Mine at Merlot, editor Faith Freewoman To Love an Earl Twice, Editor Faith Freewoman
Petit Madeleine, edited Faith Freewoman Romancing Las Vegas, Editor Faith Freewoman Element 63, edited by Faith Freewoman The Siren's Call, editor Faith Freewoman
Burned, edited by Faith Freewoman My Sweetest Sasha, edited Faith Freewoman Family Love, Editor Faith Freewoman All She Wanted, editor Faith Freewoman
Druid Surrender, edited by Faith Freewoman Everly Gray boxed set, edited Faith Freewoman Hidden Obsession, Editor Faith Freewoman Backtrack, editor Faith Freewoman
Dha, edited by Faith Freewoman Death by Design, edited Faith Freewoman Ceann, Editor Faith Freewoman Brush with Death, editor Faith Freewoman
Breach, edited by Faith Freewoman Blood, Breath and Desire, edited Faith Freewoman In Sickness and in Elf, Editor Faith Freewoman Allied Operations, editor Faith Freewoman
To Capture a Highlander's Heart, edited by Faith Freewoman A Wedding at Meadows Shore, edited Faith Freewoman Beyond the Call of Duty, Editor Faith Freewoman The Broken Brooch, editor Faith Freewoman
Eightball Two Three, edited by Faith Freewoman Gotcha, edited Faith Freewoman The Emerald Brooch, editor Faith Freewoman The Pursuit, Editor Faith Freewoman
Beyond the Call of Duty, edited by Faith Freewoman Sentinel Lost, edited Faith Freewoman Brightness Calling, Editor Faith Freewoman From the Ashes, editor Faith Freewoman
Ladies of Lortons Landing, edited by Faith Freewoman The Stonecutter, edited Faith Freewoman Behold the Man, Editor Faith Freewoman Breaking Boundaries, editor Faith Freewoman
Champion of Entean, edited by Faith Freewoman The Warrior, edited Faith Freewoman Deep within the Shadows, Edited by Faith Freewoman Marriage Under Fire, editor Faith Freewoman
Mark Me, edited by Faith Freewoman Piggy Bank Blues, edited Faith Freewoman A Perfect Wedding, Edited by Faith Freewoman Captain's Orders, editor Faith Freewoman
A Perfect Dilemma, edited by Faith Freewoman Captured, edited Faith Freewoman The Chariot, Edited by Faith Freewoman Electric Heat, editor Faith Freewoman
Finally Again, edited by Faith Freewoman The Fool, edited Faith Freewoman Illegal Motions, Edited by Faith Freewoman The Fledgling, editor Faith Freewoman
A Touch of Intrigue, edited by Faith Freewoman The Sapphire Brooch, edited Faith Freewoman Shifter Wars, editor Faith Freewoman Whisper in My Ear, Edited by Faith Freewoman
The Barbarian, edited by Faith Freewoman Mind Sweeper, editor Faith Freewoman Seal's Goal, edited Faith Freewoman Coveted, Edited by Faith Freewoman
Sky Dancers, edited by Faith Freewoman Afterlife, editor Faith Freewoman Building Ties, edited Faith Freewoman Edited by Faith Freewoman, Purest of the Breed
Edited by Faith Freewoman, Wolf at the Door Edited Faith Freewoman, Breaking Ties Edited by Faith Freewoman Edited by Faith Freewoman, Apotheosis
Edited by Faith Freewoman, Seal the Deal Edited by Faith Freewoman, A Touch of Revenge Faith Freewoman Editor, Bloodline War Faith Freewoman, Editor, A Perfect Mistake
Faith Freewoman, Editor, Seal My Destiny Faith Freewoman, Editor, To Touch Poison Faith Freewoman, Editor, Collared Edited by Faith Freewoman, In His Eyes
Editor Faith Freewoman, Seal My Heart Faith Freewoman, editor, The Warrior Edited by Faith Freewoman, Breaking Away Faith Freewoman, Editor, A Touch of Ice
Faith Freewoman, Editor, A Perfect Mess Faith Freewoman, Fetched, Editor Editor Faith Freewoman, Big Cats Don't Purr Faith Freewoman, Editor, A Touch of Betrayal
Editor Faith Freewoman, The Shield Faith Freewoman Editor, A Touch of Ice Editor Faith Freewoman, Hounded Editor Faith Freewoman, Caught in the Act
Faith Freewoman, Editor, Breaking Through Editor Faith Freewoman, An Automated Death Editor Faith Freewoman, The Calling Edited Faith Freeewoman, Brave
Faith Freewoman, Editor, Seal Under Cover Faith Freewoman Editor A Matter of the Heart Faith Freewoman Editor, Mortal Bite Edited by Faith Freewoman, Captive Hear
Faith Freewoman Editor, Groomed for Murder Edited by Faith Freewoman, Place Between Worlds Edited Faith Freewoman, Leashed Edited by Faith Freewoman, Highlander's Heart
Edited by Faith Freewoman, Cry Sanctuary Faith Freewoman Editor, Taming Raven Edited by Faith Freewoman, Walkers Faith Freewoman Editor, Hounded
Edited by Faith Freewoman, Highland Moonlignt Faith Freewoman Editor, Fallen Seal Legacy Edited Faith Freewoman, The Hierophant Edited Faith Freewoman, This Fool's Journey